Linked to Missions

Before “Missionary” became our job title, I held a number of positions and in those roles it was often my responsibility to hire to replace staff or to fill new positions. In the last decade or so, I became an avid user of LinkedIn, a professional social networking site. I used this site in recruiting, following up on paper resumes that I received or even for my own job searches.

Besides the hiring process, it provides an abundance of work related resources, insights into trends and new business concepts. LinkedIn allows you to connect with your work friends, old colleagues and you can see where they work and where they have been. LinkedIn is like an online Resume or CV.  It can showcase your abilities and recommendations. LinkedInLogo1

God can use anything to get to us. Of course his word is our primary source of calling. But in my case, he even used this professional social networking site to be a vital part of the call. Click on the link in the LinkedIn image above to read the whole article of how this came to be.

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