BDP_4684We are Gary and Ellie (Eloise) Sikma. Originally, we are from Northwest Iowa and now living in the Twin Cities of Minnesota. We firmly believe that it is vital to have the Good News declared in a person’s heart language. The language that they think in, dream in, and by God’s grace, pray in. That is one of the reasons that we feel the call to support Bible translation as missionaries with Wycliffe Bible Translators.

We are also excited to be partner missionaries with Resonate Global Mission of the Christian Reformed Church. After serving in a number of other ways, we both feel God leading us in this new direction where we will support Bible translation.

After serving in a number of other ways, they both feel God leading them in this new direction that will help to serve the Bibleless and change lives through God’s word.

Gary’s assignment is with Wycliffe USA’s Global Workforce Planning Team and Ellie’s is with Wycliffe’s Advancement Department where they will work out of their home office.

Gary will spend half of his time as a Project Management Consultant and the other half as an Area Liaison for Anglo-Lusophone Africa, working with language development partners to plan for workforce needs and help communication. All in an effort to increase the effectiveness of recruitment, retention, and care efforts.

Ellie will be a Donor Appreciation Representative. In this role she will reach out to project donors who don’t normally get a personal call in order to thank them and to pray with them, a genuine match for her heart and skills.

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  1. Thank you for connecting with on my website at missionloved.com!

    I love what you’ve said about speaking to people in their language. That is something that is so necessary in the mission work I’m doing.

    God bless,

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