Intercultural Communications Course

What a journey. For those of you keeping up with our prayer/newsletters, know that in June and July we were in Waxhaw, North Carolina at the JAARS headquarters to attend an Intercultural Communications Course (ICC). This month long course is designed to help prepare participants for success in future ministries.  The staff at ICC supports and encourages missionaries in their strengths and gives input for areas of specific growth.

Below, I’ve listed a few of the course objectives. Over the next few months, I’ll try to publish a few of the highlights. Needless to say, it was a month of challenges as well as rewards.

Spiritual Vitality

  • Authority Issues
  • Counting the Cost and Theology of Suffering
  • Emotional Hardiness
  • Forgiveness
  • Idols of the Heart
  • Inductive Bible Study of Ephesians
  • Life Messages/Testimonies
  • Memorization of Philippians 2:1-11
  • Moral Purity
  • Sovereignty of God
  • Spiritual Retreat
  • Spiritual Warfare

Partnering/Interpersonal Skills

  • Conflict Resolution/Dealing with Conflict Biblically
  • Community Building
  • Crisis Management, Security Issues and Contingency Planning
  • Cross-Cultural Servanthood Book Review
  • Field-proofing Your Marriage
  • Gallup Strengthsfinder
  • Missionary Kid Issues
  • Multi-Cultural Team Dynamics

Language and Culture Acquisition 

  • International Church Assignment
  • Language and Cultural Acquisition Attitudes and Skills
  • Language Partnerships (for those with GIAL training)
  • Personal Perspectives: Increasing Self-Awareness
  • Transitions and Culture Stress

World View

  • Biblical Absolutes vs. Cultural Applications
  • Biblical Principles
  • Biblical, Animistic, Modern and Postmodern World Views
  • Bounded/Centered Focused Thinking
  • Core Values of Culture
  • Honor/Shame Cultures


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