Back From Africa!

From November 4 to 19, I had the privilege of being called to Africa to help out with conferences for women in Tanzania and Zambia with Lydia Circle Ministries.  The conferences were to train women in spiritual discipleship and evangelism. The experience was one that I will never forget.

The first conference was in Tabora, Tanzania. Several women were patiently waiting for our arrival which was delayed by a few days while we waited for connecting flights. When we finally got to our destination, we were greeted with shouts of joy, singing, dancing and many hugs. A wrap was affectionately put on my head and we were presented with flowers as a welcome gift.

The women were all hungry for the training in Spiritual Discipleship and Evangelism that we were there to provide as part of the Lydia Circle Ministries. The praise and worship were genuine, real. Despite their lack of material things, they were grateful for their salvation and their relationship with their redeemer.

Even though I was a stranger, they took me in. Despite having little in terms of material things, they showered me in love. When they presented us with jars of honey, tears streaked my face as I thought about the value to them.

I loved to see how the women both in Tanzania and Zambia worshipped. Weather in joyful singing and dance or on all fours weeping and crying out to the Lord, they were real and sincere.

Teaching Me a Lesson in “Liturgical Dance” 

They loved taking pictures together, holding their babies and teaching me how to dance. They loved saying hallelujah, amen! They loved reading the Bible. I realized because of Christ their hearts were full of love despite the poverty and their living conditions. It has been a privilege to go to Africa. I was truly blessed.

Singing a Praise Song During Worship

2 thoughts on “Back From Africa!

  1. I am bery proud of you for taking this ste! You were in my prayers and thoughts as you travelled. May the Lord continue to bless you and your family!

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